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Ocean2air Kitesurfing has the most experienced instructors in the country and you can't beat experience when it comes to teaching. Over the years they have developed a program that will get you into this amazing sport and make it easier for you. Using 1 way water proof radios to communicate with you in the water ...

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Ocean2air offers a complete range of kites from new to used and x demo. For new kites we offer FONE Kites. FONE is a French based kiteboarding company that hs been involved with kitesurfing since its inception. Headed up by Raphael Selles FONE has pioneered the Delta/C-shape Bandit kite. The Bandit 7  is the 7th generation of the this type of kite and is the industry leader in this shape.


Rob Chrystal, owner of Ocean2air and with more than 15 years of kiteflying experience had this to say about kite:

      "The kite was exceptionally smooth in flight, it turned well, was super stable and had plenty of de-power, but that is what you would expect from a Bandit. I flew it in 20 knots SW which is a gusty wind but I didn't realise just how gusty until I flew the B7 10 straight after to compare. When i was flying the 2015 Badndit,  i had it fully powered and with the bar pulled all the way in and was able to hold my rail and boost beautifully. It was only once I jumped onto last years kite that I could fully appreciate the difference. As soon as iput the B7 2014 kite in the air I could feel the difference in the power as i had to sheet it in about a 3rd of the way to be comfortable. Then when riding I was depowered on the bar about half way and getting pulled off my edge and constantly having to readjust. I had not appeciated the differences until then. The kite didn't flutter and was rock solid in the air - it had eaten up the gusts so much so that I had not realised it was gusty! Wow - it is amazing to feel the  difference and I can't wait to test it in the waves!!"


The latest 2015 kites are ready to push the limit - all backed up by Ocean2air Kitesurfing. The kites are available to demo on the beach right in front of our shop 5 Forest Drive La Lucia ...




Based on the incomparable patented F-ONE DELTA C-SHAPE design, the BANDIT 8 fits perfectly in the BANDIT best sellers line-up. Its complex and demanding task book was respected in all aspects and for all of kiteboarding's disciplines. This allowed us to maintain the qualities previously acquired while implementing new ones.


To get such significant improvements, we have upgraded our fabrinc to the the DOUBLE RIPSTOP TECNOFORCE from TEJIN, This material brings with it superior wearing strength and better control of the profiles in flight thanks to added stability.

- On this new kite they have significantly reduced the lateral traction without compromising the available power which has ultimately made for a less physical kite to fly.

- What will strike you most is the new direct feeling and connection to the kite which ressults in better all round riding becasue you will be able to feel where the kite is at all times. The kite profile is stable: all parasitic movements have been eliminated and your bar feeling is clearier.

- The new 2 colour bar allows you to quickly and easily ascertain which is starboard and port allowing for fewer mistakes in either freestyle or wave riding. The new push realeas has now been launched and is very effective and incredibly safe.


A few words about the feeling of the Bandit 8:

More stable with less fluttering while riding, smoother, more control and less lateral pull. All this, plus a sensation of lightness and a more direct and efficient feel in the bar.  


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